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Flirc USB

Flirc learns from any remote control, not caring about different vendor protocols. Just walk through the super simple setup - pairing individual remote buttons with 'Media Centre Buttons' and you're done. It's basically a universal IR receiver, so can be used with any remote you choose, old, new or Universal! The best part about FLIRC is that it can be used to mimic a keyboard so every media center application understands it without any drivers. FLIRC runs across all platforms, Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Want to use your remote control with an XBOX or Playstation? No problem. Pair flirc on a PC, and use flirc on any USB device without any additional software, it just works.

Don't bother using another remote control for your raspberry pi, flirc allows you to use your same television remote and is such a perfect companion for the pi, that we started selling them and even offer them together at a discount. Program the flirc on a PC, and use it on the pi without any additional software. Or download the XBMC plugin, which also runs on the pi, and pair your remote in just a few simple steps.

There are a number of firmware updates that will enhance the future usage of flirc, and we have the best community, check out our forums for useful tips and tricks. 


Product measures - 1.50 x 1.66 x 0.80 in L x W x H

Shipping Weight - 1.00 oz

What is Flirc's range?

Although Flirc's range depends on the strength of the remote control you are using, it will work up to 20 feet away with most remotes. Like all infrared (IR) devices, Flirc works best when it's placed in the line of site of the remote control.

I have a Harmony One remote, how do I use Flirc with my Harmony One and FireTV?

Launch the Harmony software and add a new device as follows:
Device: Media Center PC
Manufacturer: Flirc
Model: FireTV / Kodi / Plex

Can I use my TV remote control with Flirc?

Yes, you can use your TV remote control with Flirc as long as your remote control has enough unused buttons and your TV does not respond to the ones you wish to pair with Flirc. We recommend using a universal remote control with Flirc for the best results.

I'm an advanced user, can I pair flirc on a headless machine?

Yes, absolutely. Every software release on Linux/Mac/Windows ships with a commandline version of the pairing software which provides the same functionality as the GUI version.

Are there any remote controls that are incompatible?

Please visit the following site: TBD

What versions of Linux are supported?

Flirc hosts debian repositories, but the software is statically built to work on any distribution of Linux.

Can I map more than one remote button to the same function on my media center?

Yes, record each button independently.

Can I map more than one function to the same remote button?

No, unfortunately, this is a limitation with nearly all remote controls controllers.

When will the new software features get released?

We will be doing sprints. Both will be complete in the first quarter of 2016, beta releases will be released much sooner.

Does Flirc work with the FireStick and New Amazon FireTV

Yes, a cheap cable like this will work: or this one will work too