Introducing The Flirc Raspberry Pi Case

The most beautifuly crafted Raspberry Pi Case. An aluminum body with a built in heat sink, our case is the perfect home for your Raspberry Pi B+ and will become another one of your favorite media center companions.

Look Inside

There is such an amazing amount of detail in this case, check it out.

The Home of Flirc

Take control of your media center and the clutter off your living room table

Easy Setup

Use our automated GUI to setup ANY remote control with your PC Media Center.
How it Works
Flirc learns any remote control, not caring about different vendor protocols. Just walk through our super simple setup pairing individual remote buttons with 'Media Center Buttons' and you're done.
Cross Platform Support
Our GUI was designed with QT, allowing for our software to be uniform across multiple operating systems. Our GUI will be open source and we already have a python API on our github page.
Become A Partner
Find a local distributor for faster shipping times or check out our API. Our API will allow you to integrate flirc pairing into your own software for a seamless user experience.
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