Beta Firmware to support RC6 (WMCE and XBMC Remotes)

There is a new firmware version that I will be testing. This adds better support for the RC6 protocol aka WMCE and XBMC remotes. This will most likely make it on all new devices, which means that people who receive new hardware wont really need to read further.However, because I'm changing some code quite a bit, this will mean that any existing customer may have to re-configure their remote. There wont be an easy way to transition a saved configuration to work with the new firmware. However, unlike Apple, I let you downgrade the firmware in case you accidentally upgrade, and don't want to upgrade if you are happy.In this same version of the firmware, I will address a bug which effects some users where flirc is broken after a wake from suspend.I will also add a 'wake from suspend' button, as a temporary medium until I figure out how to do this automatically.

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