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My initial round of pre-orders shipped on the date promised. The version of firmware that shipped with those is 0.7, newer than what most people have, which is 0.6. Firmware 0.7 had some general enhancements related to the algorithm so that this RC6 protocol would work better. The occasional remote that doesn't, I believe is because the remote is operating at a different modulation frequency. I'm going to get to the bottom of that soon, and if this is the case, I may add an ordering option for this.Because the firmware works a bit differently, this may mean that people upgrading from 0.6 to newer will have to reprogram their remotes. Not the biggest deal, but something of which I tried to effortlessly avoid. There is no way to convert a users configuration file because of the how flirc works.FW 0.8 is what will be shipped to customers via the 0.96 GUI update. However, I don't have a handle on the bug where flirc is not detected after sleep. I can't reproduce this problem so it's a bit harder for me to tackle. On top of this, I've been pre-occupied with Windows issue.GUI v0.94 and 0.95 released. These are general stability improvements and all the download links will be at 0.95 shortly, windows will be tonight most likely.FW 0.9 will solely address the issue where flirc isn't being detected after a wake on sleep, unless I magically figure out what's wrong in the next few days. Here is where you can track fw updates.

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