New Version Out In The Wild -- v0.93

I hope it was worth the wait. I'm sure there are a few things to iron out, but overall, this is a very large update. Eric has re-architected the way the GUI works. No longer is anything hardcoded, he has re-designed everything from the ground up in a clean, elegant, and scalable solution. Each window is brought into the GUI in the form of a vector graphics image, and an XML file.The graphics image is in an SVG file format. The SVG format is actually editable as text, but it is a graphics file. All the windows in this version of the GUI have been re-done in the SVG format. The purpose of this file is to group elements on the display, keyboard keys mainly. The keyboard keys have two colors, and are grouped and labels accordingly.The xml file is used to tell the GUI what to do. Fields tell the GUI what keygroup to display, and what to swap it with when moused-over. There is more, but I won't digress into technical jargon.We will grow the shortcuts windows with time, and extend the application to pull these from a central location on your machine. You will be able to add your own windows into the folder, and of course, share them via our site.Hope everyone likes it, thanks for all the feedback, and let me know how it goes.

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