Quick Update Regarding Firmware and Shipments

For those orders placed in the past week, they will go out this Saturday, Pacific time. I'm so sincerely sorry for the delay, I usually can make every order go out next day, however this week has been extremely stressful and busy. There is no reason they haven't left (bad parts or firmware or software, everything is fine) other than me being completely and utterly swamped.There is also a bug in fw v0.8 which will cause a lot of headaches, a key can randomly be deleted. I have fixed this and the fw image will be a part of the next GUI, but for those who want to get it now, please do so here: fw_0.9.binThe orders that ship out will have this version pre-installed.The sleep issue that some users experience is still outstanding. I've tried about every OS's on 15 different hardware machines. I can't reproduce this. Multiple modules and multiple reboots, sleep, and hibernations, and everything on my end is rock solid. A good friend of mine has about 10 machines, I will spend the weekend at his place trying to reproduce the problem. I'm certain, once I can reproduce this, the problem will be resolved rather quickly.That's it for now. I'll try to knock out some of these other promised firmware features soon.

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