Truly A Sad Day

I can't say it's a shock, we all knew it was coming, but it's still a truly sad day. Steve Jobs will forever be known as the world's greatest CEO, he changed everything.But what's truly amazing, was the constant fight and resilliance of an individual that did not ever want to give up. "I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO". I could only imagine how absolutely terrible he must feel physically, and mentally, to have sent that letter which was probably written at another time.Steve has not been well for a while. When I first saw him a few years ago on stage I knew something was wrong. Call it a survivors intuition. When I go to the hospital for my checkups, I'm surrounded by amazing people, all of which who are fighting for their lives. Steve looks like he has been fighting for his life. Over the last few years, there was sign after sign. The liver transplant was a pretty big one. The livers is a regenerative organ, one which you can cut in half, and it will grow back. People don't get liver transplants, it's a hard and dangerous procedure, and when I was diagnosed, I had doctors tell me it wasn't even an option. (thankfully, my cancer was contained and didn't spread to anything like the liver).In his last speech to announce iCloud, it was extremely obvious to me how much his health had declined. Every word was a reach for breath, almost as if he had just gotten out of bed. Then the news came where he pulled in the release of his biography for three months. You don't authorize a biography in the middle of your privately kept life.I've heard that Steve has been on campus every day, talking with his staff. I can't imagine how difficult this could be. He's fighting for his life, which you would think he'd want to be enjoying outside of work. It truly says something about his devotion to his company, and to the people at Apple which he's always gratefully acknowledged in his keynotes.From the bottom of my heart, I wish Steve all the best in the world, and hope he wins his fight. Apple, and Steve Jobs, has been the sole reason and motivation for which I'm always striving for perfection.

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