A Special Honor

This past week has been incredible. Flirc was featured on the front page of xbmc.org with an article written by a truly exceptional and good hearted person, Chris aka (Pseudo7). What an exceptional honor it was to be featured on the front page of the very product flirc was created for, and by a person who has been extremely supportive, helpful, and ambitious in helping with my mission statement. I'm forever grateful, and glad to have made a great friend in such a unique way.The popularity of the article has helped spread the work. It was the first time anything has ever been written about Flirc. It's been a huge kicker as I realized we were very unprepared for the increase in demand. We're still trying to catch up but this has really kicked me into gear to figure out how to handle shipping. I'll most likely also be decreasing the shipping costs as well with other alternatives. Which will be great for international shipments.Another surprise which will be included in all new orders is the new packaging. This has been in the works for a while, and it was worth the wait.

What does this actually do to the product? Nothing. This is the same hardware and firmware, but merely symbolizes the culmination and completion of a product that I have been working so hard on for 3 years.

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